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U.S. Coast Guard Approved Courses

Master 100 Tons Course


January 4 – February 12, 2022
April 5 – May 14, 2022
80 Hrs + exams
Our alumni run passenger ferries, commercial landing craft, sight seeing boats, commercial fishing vessels, water taxis, tow boats, sail and fishing charters and more.
Tuesday 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Thursday 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (1 hr lunch)
This 80-hour course meets three times a week for five weeks, with exams on the 6th Saturday. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate good for one year that will satisfy the examination requirement for a USCG Master 100 Tons Near Coastal. You will not test with the USCG.
Remember, if you have enough sea service for a 6-Pack (360 days, starting at age 16, on boats at least 16-ft long), you have enough for days a Master. A Master allows you to run inspected AND un-inspected vessels (more than 6 passengers). Always give yourself as many options as possible. Feel free to call with questions about the course or about licensing in general.
Refer a friend to the same course for 10% discount. Includes instruction, books, charts, PowerPoints, exams, guidance on license application process.
Tom Russell
207-774-1067 x7
If CDC guidelines or prudence mandates due to COVID, this course will be instructed remotely. Exams would then be administered in person when practical. Otherwise, we will instruct in person with recommended safety precautions, at 100 West Commercial St, Portland, Maine.
Spring course dates tentative

6-Pack / Charter Captain / OUPV Course

Dates to be announced
While the Marine Learning Center has an approved U.S. Coast Guard 6-Pack course in place, almost all students opt for taking the course for a Master after reading the following.

If you have enough sea service for a 6-Pack/OUPV license (360 days), then you have enough for a Master. A Master is a license that allows you to run inspected AND un-inspected vessels (certified for more than 6 passengers). Always give yourself as many options as possible. If you want to use your own uninspected boat for charters but have the option of having the Coast Guard license that helps qualify you to apply for jobs on inspected boats, then do what dozens of others have done: take a Master course. There are other details to consider, so a 5-minute conversation can help. Call or stop in. (OUPV stands for Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel, which can carry up to six passengers, so is nicknamed the 6-Pack license.)


Boating Safety Class

6.5 Hrs (1 day)


NASBLA approved (pronounced “NAZ-bla”)
All classes held on Saturdays
Class times 8:00 am – 3:30 pm (1-hr lunch)
2021 Dates
  • March 20
  • April 17
  • May 15
  • June 12
  • July 10

Feel more confident on the water. Topics are relevant to fresh or salt water boating.  Discussion includes types of boats, basic rules of the road, buoys, Maine boating laws, jet skiing, water skiing, life jackets, invasive species, cold water safety, drowning recognition and more. Other topics include …

  • Proper Operation & Safety
  • Equipment and Trailering
  • Laws, (rules of the road, buoys, invasive species, what lakes and ponds are legal for what boating activity)
  • Emergencies (man overboard, fire, injuries, etc.)
  • Making sure your boat is compliant – no sinking feeling when you see the warden or Coast Guard
  • Environment and ethics

Other Class Benefits

  • Satisfies mandatory cert requirement for 16-17 year olds to operate PWCs (jet skis) in Maine
  • Satisfies mandatory cert requirement to operate on Maine/New Hampshire border waters and NH educational requirements
  • Save up to 10% on boat insurance with many carriers
  • Confidence on the water

You put in the work, but our aim is for you to walk away with your certification card the same day. Successful completion of the class and its multiple-choice quiz earns you a NASBLA certification (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators). Certification is lifetime and and recognized in all 50 states and Canada. Only prep work for class: get a good night’s sleep and bring a well-rested mind.

Certification good throughout U.S. and Canada. Lost cards re-issued at no cost by Maine IF&W. Enrollment by phone prior to class day.

Contact Tom Russell
207-774-1067  x7 or


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Coast Guard Licensing Course
boat safety course



Launch Tender Operator


A course for those interested in operating a launch for a marina, yacht club, mooring field operator, formal camp, etc.  Class includes subject instruction, exams and general instruction on the U.S. Coast Guard licensing process (which follows the 4 hrs of subject instruction).  There are two types of launch tender licenses. The class satisfies both. The two types ar:

  • Limited OUPV (6-Pack). For uninspected launches carrying up to 6 passengers. Requires at least 90 days on water, 90 of which must be within 3 years of applying for the license.
  • Limited Master. Requires 120 days (90 within prior 3 years of license application).
    • If you have a yacht club in mind, find out which type of vessel they have. Or simply apply for Limited Master if you have enough on-water days (satisfies both types of vessels).

Commercial Assist Towing Endorsement

4-hours (evening or weekend)


Course dates typically follow USCG Master courses with other dates occasionally offered.

This 4-hour course will prepare an applicant for an assistance towing endorsement exam.  An assistance towing endorsement on a license as master, mate, or operator authorizes the holder to engage in assistance towing on any vessel within the scope of the license.

Auxiliary Sail Endorsement

4-hours (evening or weekend)


Course dates typically follow USCG Master courses with other dates occasionally offered.

Course Description:

The auxiliary sail endorsement is normally attached to a master’s license as an endorsement to operate sailing vessel also equipped with power. This is a relatively simple course and examination. However, a word of caution, if you are a competent sailor, as most are, you are probably somewhat specialized in this field. Therefore, it is imperative that you study the CG questions on sail. They are attempting to cover a very broad topic area that may or may not agree with how you perform certain operations or your opinion how it should be done. They are the boss, there answers are the right answers. I will be happy to provide you will the address to those who make the questions and after you pass this test so you can discuss your views with them.

This could make your life more complicated and is not recommended.

USCG Approval description:

Any applicant who has successfully completed your 4-hour Auxiliary Sail course and presents your Certificate of Training at a Regional Exam Center within one year of the completion of training, will satisfy the examination requirements of 46 CFR 10.205(I) for an Auxiliary Sail endorsement to any deck license up to 200 gross tons.


Other Instructional Offerings

FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit Exam

Required to operate as Master on inspected vessels. This is a lifetime permit. Call to order study guide, to schedule your exam and with any questions. Paperwork filed on your behalf.


ABYC Certifications Courses

Offered occasionally.

Intro To Outboard Engines


Offered occasionally.

Learn from the best! Our experienced outboard techs go over the inner workings of an outboard engine. Topics included will be basic trouble shooting, routine maintenance, winterization and commissioning.

Maine Boatbuilders Show Seminars

MBBS has run for over 30 years. All educational seminars included with cost of admission. Back on the waterfront at 100 West Commercial St.  July 23-25, 2021.  See separate tab at top of page.


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