Portland Ship Yard | Portland Yacht Services Commercial Division
100 West Commercial Street, Portland, ME 04102


Portland Ship Yard

Portland Ship Yard values our working waterfront and the many levels that make up the commercial industry. Whether your investment is used for FISHING, TOURISM, EDUCATION, GOVERNMENT, CONSTRUCTION, OR LARGE PASSENGER TRANSPORTATION, we at Portland Ship Yard understand that if your vessel is not functioning properly, then neither can your business. Our staff will do what it takes to get you back on the water as fast as possible. We can haul vessels up to 150 tons, have a full-service rigging, welding, A/C electronics, fiberglass, paint/varnish, carpentry and cabinetry facility and more. From parts and service, to use of our Travel Lift, we are the only shipyard you will ever need. For more information contact our Service Department at (207) 774-1067.


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