330-Ton Marine Travelift Open for Business | Portland Yacht Services
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330-Ton Marine Travelift Open for Business


Portland Ship Yard/Portland Yacht Services’ 330-ton Marine Travelift is up and running! After a year of planning, we are now ready to service larger commercial and recreational vessels than we ever have before.


To prepare for the new travel lift, we expanded both on land and at sea – adding additional dock space, creating new storage areas, and building a travel lift basin over 42 feet wide.

On July 31, our inaugural lift began with our biggest haul to date: Westward, a 208-ton, two-masted schooner currently homeported at PSY/PYS. Despite Westward’s size, we still have yet to come close to reaching the lift’s full capacity.

After the success of our first haul, we quickly moved on to the next vessel: Draken Harald Hårfagre, a 108-ton, Viking longship from Norway in for repairs.

Things are moving quickly here at PSY/PYS, and we are thrilled with the results. As owner, Phin Sprague, noted: “Until now, larger fishing vessels, tugs, ferries, yachts, and schooners needed to bypass or leave Portland Harbor for service and repair because of our limited hauling capacity. Not anymore. Portland Harbor is open for business.”


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